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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bob Brinker Calls Bottom, Bullish

Bob Brinker, famous Marketimer newsletter author and radio host, is going on the record with calling the market bottom on March 10, 2008. He is bullish that, while we may be in a small recession and have had a nice little correction, we will seen new highs in early 2009. There is likely to continue to be high volatility in 2008, but a general postive trend. I find this interesting that he would be so bold to call this. I cannot pretend to be able to agree or disagree with his prediction, but I do agree that staying invested in a diversified portfolio that includes equities (100% of long term money in my case), and continuing to dollar cost average into index funds is a sound strategy for now. Trying to time the market is difficult, if not impossible. It may have been easy to get out on the way down (although I am sure very few got the top correct), but deciding when to get back in with all this volatility is near impossible. There has been great buying opportunities in 2008 and, if taken advantage of, will pay off nicely has the trend begins to climb back up.

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tamworth said...

Do you have an update from the May 08 newsletter? thanks..